Amazon Fire Phone 折腾指南

半年前美亚199刀入手的Fire Phone。当时走的是转运中国,15天收到,被税了120rmb,寄到国内转发韵达快递,半年下来使用体验还不错。刚才把系统恢复出厂模式了,故而分享一下拿到fire phone该怎么下手。


手机开机会提示你选择使用语言,选择English (不支持中文),之后就是一段使用教程,教程结束后就进入了系统界面。


  • 获取root权限kingroot
  • 开启USB Debug 模式:setting——device——get info about your fire——点击软件版本,之后就会跳出开发者选项,勾选USB debugging。
  • 允许安装第三方软件:setting——application&parental controls——allow non-Amazon app installation——app installation 勾选上,同时可以把下面的两个选项关掉。
  • 安装谷歌服务:下载安装谷歌组件和ES Explorer——把谷歌组件解压并复制到根目录,然后通过ES explorer运行,之后再重启即可。(4.6.1下安装谷歌服务,chrome会闪退)
  • 改变输入法:setting——keyboard——Download New Language——Chinese (China) 安装即可。(也可以安装第三方输入法)
  • 关闭/开启3D效果:setting——display——configure motion and gestures  settings
  • MX Player Pro:博主有时会拿手机看NAS上的视频,普通播放器不支持DTS音轨,要实现推荐MX,实现方式如下:
在sdcard卡根目录新建一个ffmpeg_dts文件夹,把压缩包解压后的文件都放入 sdcard/ffmpeg_dts 文件夹下。打开mxplayer, 按下菜单键->设置->解码器->自定义解码器选择sdcard/ffmpeg_dts这个文件夹里面的点击确定,MX Player Pro会自动重新启动。在播放DTS音频的视频时,请将音轨中的硬件解码的勾去掉(DTS只能软解)这样MX PLAYER就可以播放带DTS音频的视频了。


  • 安装SDK工具包JAVA
  • 将固件命名为“update.bin”放在“C:\Users\roger\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools”目录下
  • adb下输入“adb shell && su && reboot recovery”进入recovery模式
  • 选择update
  • 以sideload方式刷入:adb sideload update.bin


五、adb devices下识别不了手机

Installing the USB Driver (Windows only)

If you installed the Fire Phone SDK Addon, as described in Setting Up Your Development Environment, the USB driver for Fire tablets and Fire phone has already been downloaded. If you did not follow that procedure, do the following to download the USB driver :

  1. Start Android SDK Manager.
  2. In the Android SDK Manager window, from the Tools menu, click Manage Add-on Sites.
  3. In the Add-on Sites dialog box, click the User Defined Sites tab, and then click New.
  4. In the Add Add-on Site URLdialog box, enter the following URL:
  5. Click OK and then Close. Wait for the Android SDK Manager to refresh, as indicated by the progress bar.
  6. Expand Extras and click Amazon Kindle Fire USB Driver.
  7. Click Install n Packages.
  8. In the Choose Packages to Install dialog box, accept the license agreements for the packages, and then click Install.

In your Android SDK directory, at \extras\amazon\kindle_fire_usb_driver, run KindleDrivers.exe, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Testing the Connection to the Fire Phone

Do the following to set up the connection to the Fire phone:

  1. Connect the Fire phone to a USB port on your development computer.
    On Windows, the Fire phone may temporarily appear in Device Manager under the Other devices node. Wait until Device Manager shows the device under the Kindle Fire node.
  2. In the Allow USB debugging? dialog, on the Fire phone, tap OK.
  3. Open a command prompt in Windows or a terminal shell on Mac OS X or Linux.
  4. Navigate to your Android SDK platform-tools directory.
  5. Run the following commands and confirm that the serial number for the Fire phone appears in the list of devices.Windows
    adb kill-server
    adb start-server
    adb devices


Fresh Installation
- From Safestrap, go into Wipe Menu and Swipe to perform a factory reset.
- Flash the ROM File
- Flash Open Gapps of your choice (any arm 4.4 version) - Except Aroma Version
- Flash the latest SuperSU package if you want root
- Reboot
- Enjoy!

Upgrading to new Version
- Flash the ROM
- Reboot
- Enjoy!
- If you previous had GAPPS it will be preserved automatically
- To preserve root between upgrades, you need to setup SuperSU to survive OTA updates.

Safestrap for Amazon Fire Phone (Kodiak)
- CM-11 for Amazon Fire Phone
- Open Gapps
- Clean System Partition Flashable zip
- SuperSU